The Buck Lake Alliance

Buck Lake Alliance – About Us

Since the 1980s, Comprehensive Planning has been Florida’s growth management tool. Comprehensive plans contain chapters or "elements" that address future land use, housing, transportation, infrastructure, coastal management, conservation, recreation and open space, intergovernmental coordination, and capital improvements. A key component of the Act is its "concurrency" provision that requires facilities and services to be available concurrent with the impacts of development.

Accordingly, the Buck Lake Alliance has used the Leon County Comprehensive plan as its foundational yardstick for measuring “responsible growth”. It defines the Goals, Objectives and Policies and provides guidance in evaluating individual development proposals within a defined growth management strategy. You can learn more about Leon County’s Comprehensive Plan at

In addition, the Buck Lake Alliance works to form a strong support union for ensuring the common interest of its member communities. Common interest is defined largely as protection of the environment, protection of property values and the preservation of community character for invested communities. Our key goals include ensuring that:

  • environmental impacts are minimized
  • the natural and aesthetic environments are protected
  • conditions for native plant communities are preserved
  • the type, intensity and structural design of any development proposed for a site is appropriate to the existing natural topography
  • the design criteria provide site designs that fit the topography (not changing the topography to fit the design)
  • the character and integrity of existing residential neighborhoods are protected