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Your Membership Strengthens Alliance Efforts!

Since 1997, the Buck Lake Alliance has operated as membership based organization. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Buck Lake Alliance Inc. membership dues are tax deductible. Those dues are the funding source to cover general operating expenses such as communication, insurance, fliers, website, etc.

Special projects and initiatives are separately funded through special contributions. The Buck Lake Alliance has seen many successes over the years due to the tremendous support of our community. From time to time, we must rally in support of smaller community issues that primarily impacts one to a few developments. However, we also organize much larger initiatives when the greater eastern community is affected.

So, it is always appropriate to contribute. And, it is always appropriate to contribute more than just your membership costs. We are working hard to be better organized and to improve our response to fast paced issues that allow little time to organize and raise funds. While our operating funds come primarily from the membership dues, we always need a reserve for those unexpected development issues.

The advantage of membership is that you will be plugged into our communication network. You will kept abreast of community issues and invited to participate in our meetings, events and special projects. You will have a voice in the operation of the Buck Lake Alliance. And, you will be represented by a dedicated group of community activists.

By clicking on one of the buttons below, you will elect to contribute individually (single voting entitlement) or as a family (dual voting entitlement). You will be invited to annual meetings and to participate in the election of the Buck Lake Alliance operating board of officers. Thank you, in advance, for your continued support.

                                                                        THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION!

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