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Fallschase Commercial Development UPDATE:

THEATER: The BLA held a Town Hall Meeting (hyperlink) on 9/28/2015 at Buck Lake Elementary School to discuss with the Buck Lake community a possible 14-screen theater in Fallschase. The theater will be located on the southside of Buck Lake Road, northeast of Costco. The developer made a presentation outlining the design of the architecture, as well as landscaping, parking and lighting (hyperlink:Cobb Theater and Restaurant 3.6.16). The overall reaction seemed to be positive. The developer worked through the county development process and has received final approval with the County Development Review Committee (DRC). Building will likely start January, 2017 with a grand opening late Fall, 2017.  

APARTMENT COMPLEX: The original location of the theater had been on the triangular, 13-acre, wooded parcel bordered on the north by Mahan, on the south by Buck Lake Road, and on the east by the Buckwood neighborhood. Through a series of review meetings, both with the Dept. of Development Support and Environmental Management (DSEM), the Buck Lake Alliance, the developer was approved (April 14, 2016) for a 208-unit multi-family apartment complex on the 13-acre parcel.  The DSEM staff's report is linked for review (hyperlink: Dev Serv DRC Report #2_Arbor Crossing 4.12.16.pdf). The developer also presented the plan to the BLA Board.

The BLA Board discussed the initial plan and expressed the following concerns and the developer responded by amending the plans accordingly:

1.      unit density and parking,

2.      architectural design compatible with the Buck Lake community,

3.      traffic,

4.      stormwater, and

5.      the impact to the native habitat.

A community meeting was held in mid-December to assess the communities response to the proposed apartment complex. There were approximately 7 representatives from the Buck Lake Road neighborhoods, as well as representatives from the Arbor-Crossing development group. From that meeting the developer responded to each of the concerns outlined above (hyperlink: Arbor Crossing Apartment Site Plan 3-30-16 SHORT.pdf).

Fallschase Residential UPDATE:

The BLA continues to work on conserving 373 residential acres south of the commercial area. We continue to be hopeful, through the recent Florida Water and Land Conservation amendment 1, that funds will be available to conserve a very special corner of Tallahassee wilderness. As was mentioned earlier, Blueprint 2000 has agreed to donate $750,000 in 2016, and $300,000 in 2017 toward the purchase of approximately 50 acres along the Upper Lake Lafayette north shore. Further, the Florida Greenways and Trails Council recently selected the Lake Lafayette & St. Marks Regional Linear Park: Upper Lake Lafayette Greenway project for additional funds to support the purchase of Fallschase acres. On March 2, 2016, Secretary Steverson approved the OGT's recommendation and has set aside approximately $1.2 million for the purchase of 50+ acres Secretary approval letter 3.2.16. The BLA continues to look for and work on grant opportunities for contributions to be added to the Florida Forever funds that we hope will be awarded to the Upper Lake Lafayette Aquifer Protection Project (ULLAPP).

The Buck Lake Alliance continues to work closely with the Department of Development Support and Environmental Management staff to ensure Lormax Stern adheres to the 2006 Fallschase Planned Urban Development (PUD) agreement. After many hours of discussions with Lormax Stern and the County, a new *Fallschase Village Center Building and Site Design Guidelines and Standards Manual that clearly states the architectural design standards and guidelines LormaxStern will use for the proposed development, as well as for any future phases of development. The manual includes a specific plan for creating a landscape with native plants and adequately maintaining the landscape materials over time. The manual will be used by the County and BLA to ensure the development is what we agreed to in 2006 with a pedestrian-friendly village center that the eastside, and all of Tallahassee can be proud of. There still remains a lot of work to be vigilant and engaged to ensure everybody is doing what they have promised.
* Fallschase Village Center: Building and Site Design Guidelines and Standards Manual: Approved Design Standards Manual 8.20.2015.pdf

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